• Each line allows 32 characters, including spaces, full stops and commas.
  • Applications are for placing an ad in our printed magazine.
    * We additionally place the ad online on (updated every Thursday evening for 1 week) as a free service. The online version will, therefore, not show any options such as box, bold line, logos or photos.
  • Your ad will be published free on our online notice board "Pandora" as well as on our main website "Online Journey". If you do not wish to appear on "Pandora", please let us know on the "Note" section of the application form.
  • We reserve the right to edit or refuse any advertisement without reason.
  • The applicant's full name, daytime contact telephone number and address must be included with the application.
  • Postal applications are accepted. Fax and online applications will only be accepted if accompanied by credit card details.
  • All applications made online must be accompanied by payment (credit card or debit card details).
  • E-mail confirmation/VAT receipt will be sent to you later (please allow 24 working hours).
  • If you have not received a confirmation e-mail after 24 hours (excluding weekends), please let us know by telephone (020-7307-3215).
  • Illegible applications will not be published - please print clearly.
  • Deadline is strictly by 12noon Thursday for the following week's inclusion (this may vary at certain times of the year).
  • Cancellations (chargeable at £3) or changes must be done before 12noon of the Thursday one week before publication, after which they will not be accepted.
  • We also accept late applications for a surcharge (placement generally on the first page of Classified Ads called "EXPRESS"), subject to space availability:
    Express Application - by 12noon Monday for that week's inclusion with a 50% surcharge on top of the normal rate.
    Super Express Application - by 12noon Tuesday for that week's inclusion with a 100% surcharge on top of the normal rate, i.e. double the normal rate.
    * These deadlines may vary at certain times of the year.
  • For a photocopy of the printed page of your advertisement, please instruct us in the NOTE section. The rate for a Second Class stamp will be added to your total bill and you will receive the photocopy by post soon after your ad is published.
  • Logos or photos must not take up more than 50% of the whole ad. Please advise in advance if you intend to use more than 2 photos/ad.
  • Please send a copy of your certificate for masseur / therapist / treatment services with each application.


Classified Ads Rates

1) 5 lines or less

£8.00 × no. of issues
Example: 5 issues = £8.00 × 5 = £40

2) 6 lines or more

£8.00 + £2.50 per extra line
{ £8.00 + (no. of extra lines × £2.50) } × no. of issues
Example: 7 lines ad × 3 issues = £8.00 + {2 × £2.50} × 3 = £39.00
* If you require translation into Japanese, the cost will be £3.00 per extra line, rather than £2.50.
(the first 5 lines of translation is included in the £8.00 fee)
{ £8.00 + (no. of extra lines × £3.00) } × no. of issues


Optional Extras (on top of basic cost)

3) Box

£8.00 × no. of issues

4) Bold line

£2.50 × no. of bold lines × no. of issues

5) Photograph/Logos

(max 2.4×3.5cm)
Black & White
£ 12.00 extra / item
£ 17.00 extra / item
× No. of  Issues

(max 4×2.7cm)
Black & White
£ 18.00 extra / item
£ 23.00 extra / item
× No. of  Issues

6) Cancellation fee

£3 (cancellation to be informed before 12noon of the Thursday 1 week before publication)

The earliest issue your ad will appear
from  31 August 2017 issue



【最新号】没後200年、ジェーン・オースティンゆかりの温泉保養地「バース」を征く ※ebookは木曜の午後5時更新